Las Colinas Counseling Center, P.A.

Why Choose Us?

Living in today’s complex, demanding society can overwhelm our coping skills, leading to symptoms of distress. The techniques you will learn are helpful with problems that are not responding to other efforts. Rarely are there quick fixes nor do we have all the answers. Rather, through a mutual exploration of your present and/or past circumstances, we see how your thinking influences your emotions and behaviors. This process works best when the client to grow and will take an active role in the therapy process.

You can increase the benefits of our work together:

  • Observing your patterns and behavior without blaming or shaming yourself or others.
  • Talking honestly about your thoughts and feelings, especially the things that are the hardest to talk about.
  • By Doing your homework; it requires the practice of new thinking, feeling and behaving in real-life experiences.